Email marketing : synchronize your Gravity Forms contacts with Jackmail

Gravity Forms is a simple and reliable tool to create advanced forms for your WordPress-Powered Website. You can connect Jackmail with the Gravity Forms extension.

Jackmail is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create and send email marketing campaigns directly from your WordPress dashboard.

The WordPress Gravity Forms plugin

This integration allows Jackmail to synchronize emails collected from Gravity Forms’ forms. You’ll be able to pick and use the emails in your campaigns.

If you have not activated the Gravity Forms extension when you first installed Jackmail, then go to the “Settings” of your jackmail account and seclect the “Gravity Forms” extension by ticking the corresponding box in the “Integrated extensions” section.

Plugin connected with Jackmail

There’s nothing else to do since Jackmail will simply synchronize with the lists created in Gravity Forms.

In the “Lists” section, you will now find the synchronized lists provided by the plugins you have implemented (in our case Gravity Forms but there can be other synchronized lists comings from different activated plugins).

Contact list WordPress plugin interconnected with Jackmail

Please note: Your lists have been created with Gravity Forms, therefore you’ll have to edit/delete entries directly in this extension, and not in Jackmail.

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