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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the point of paying for a wordpress plugin ?

Sending mails isn't the big deal. The real struggle consists of knowing whether they've been received and displayed correctly.

Jackmail offers a powerful emailbuilder and smtp server which will give you the guarantee to be in the inbox.

Will it slow down my hosted server ?

Absolutely not ! Each email is routed through our servers in a blink ;)

We work hard to maintain the best reputation for our infrastructure so you can focus on design.

Do I need any skills in email marketing or in html ?

We created JackMail for users who don't have the time/skills or resources.

Everyone should be able to reach out their contacts in a few clicks. Our tool is made for everyone.

What do I pay for ?

Everything's included in Jackmail from the tools to the server and support.

We are working our head off to add even more free and premium features !

Hit us up if you have a request.

Have more questions? Why not visit our help page to learn more.

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