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Analyze the statistics

One of the great benefits of using a plugin like Jackmail, is to have access to helpful statistics that will reflect your recipients’ interests , and allow you to improve your next campaigns.

How do I know if my campaigns are relevant? What kind of statistics will help me to enhance their efficiency?

Let’s have a look at what you can access.

The statistic menu is divided as follows :

1 – Your campaigns
2 – Summary of your different indicators
3 – Behavioral tracking  (Clicks, opening etc)
4 – Technologies ( Mobile vs Desktop / Email tools / Os profile)
5 – Most reactive contacts
6 – Timeline
7 – Calendar


1 – Your campaigns

This section allows you to pick a campaign and display the related statistics.

You can also, pick more campaigns, and add statistics to see how much people opened, clicked etc

Each campaign have an arrow on the right, showing you more details about it (thumbnail, name, subject, recipient etc.)


2 – Summary

Number of recipients. Openings rate. Reading time etc. Everything have been done to simplify your marketing life. Theses rates are easy to read and understand. All theses informations are accumulated.


3 – Behavioral tracking  (Clicks, opening etc)

If you need to know who have opened and clicked, everything is listed here. You can sort all the informations and add or delete columns you don’t want to see.


4 – Technologies (Mobile vs Desktop / Email tools / Os profile)

Theses informations are  based on the user-agent of your recipient. The main purpose is to make a profile of your recipient based on his OS, emailing tools or device and adapt your communication.


5 – Most reactive contacts

Basically, it’s the best openers and clickers of all your campaigns. Your best audience 🙂


6 – Timeline

The graphic speaks for itself, it shows the openings/clickers etc. rates, on a timeline. You can select which days you want to show. Timeline is based on the period defined on the calendar (top right of the page).


7 – Calendar

Our calendar helps you to select the timeline you’d like to display

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