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How campaign moderation works?

Jackmail use Sarbacane’s server, leader of email marketing in France for over 15 years.

To ensure the best deliverability, Jackmail conducts systematically a check of all campaigns.

This system is unique in the email market and filters all campaigns that can impact the reputation of our servers.


How it works?

When you press the send button in Jackmail, an encrypted file, containing the elements of your campaigns (parameters, message, contact), is sent within our moderation team.

Upon receipt, the moderation team analyzes your campaign. The goal is to make sure that your sending complies with our code of ethics:

– no addresses purchased, rented, aspirated, co-registered, given by an acquaintance or from directories

– no offensive content, misleading or not not complying with the legislation (future telling, thinness, pornography, scams etc)

– phising, scamming

– presence of an unsubscribe link

This information is analyzed very quickly via a tool that keeps all the security and confidentiality of your information, since the addresses Emails from your list do not appear in clear.

If your campaign, complies perfectly with the rules of email marketing, it will then be sent to the server for immediate dispatch (or delayed if you have scheduled a later time).

Conversely, an email will be sent to notify you of our refusal, reasons and solutions to implement.

Things to know about moderation

Our teams are based in Lille (France, GMT + 1), the moderation is from 8am to 7pm.

Moderation is performed in an average 5 minutes after submission, allowing your campaign to be shipped in stride. Aware that we have customers all over the world, we do on-call moderation in the mornings, evenings and weekends (including holidays).

Be careful, moderation frequencies are more distant on call, so we strongly advise you, regarding your time difference, to schedule your campaing. Thus, they will have time to be validated by our teams and routed in time.

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