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Create an automation – new subscriber

Jackmail makes it possible to create scenarios, ie situations where emails send themselves, as soon as a criteria (or set of criteria) is met.

In the “New subscriber” scenario, it is a matter of sending an email as soon as a new contact has been added to a given list.
It can be used in the following cases:Sending a document immediately after registration (pdf link for example)
Thank you following a newsletter subscription
Thank you for your purchase on WooCommerce
Registering a new user in your WordPress roles (editor / administrator etc.)
In short, many situations where you send one or more emails (an email per scenario) to a user, since his email address has been inserted into a list.

Jackmail allows sending to lists created with Jackmail, WooCommerce lists and WordPress user lists.


To create a “New Subscriber” scenario, go to Campaign, and create a new scenario.

Worfklow - new subscriber


In my example, I will send an email, 5 minutes after a new user subscribes in the list “Subscribe to the newsletter”.

Worfklow - new subscriber : Trigger

Worfklow - new subscriber : pick a list


The next step is creation. As usual, you have an appointment with the EmailBuilder. Personalize your message and go to the checklist step.

Worfklow - new subscriber : template


Let’s move on to the last step, Checklist. Once your scenario is ready, activate it.

Worfklow - new subscriber : draft


That’s it, your scenario is ready to use and will send an email as soon as you have a new member in your list.

In the frame where you would like to send a series of mails at defined intervals, it will be necessary to create as many scenarios as emails to send.

Example: 1 new registrant receives an email on D-Day, then another 3 days later, one last one week later. It is therefore 3 emails and therefore 3 scenarios to create.


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