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Create an automated email

Do you want to create an automatic scenario? Follow the guide.

With Jackmail, notify your recipients as soon as an event occurs or a series of events.

To create a scenario, go to the side menu Jackmail, then “Campaigns”. The scenario section is at the top right.


Jackmail asks you what kind of scenario you want to launch, there are several:

  • As soon as you publish a new article
  • As soon as you have a new subscriber
  • Automatic Newsletter
  • By publishing a new WooCommerce product


  • As soon as you publish a new article

    The principle here is very simple, an email will be sent to your base as soon as you publish a new article in the selected category or categories.

    So choose the categories you are interested in and the time from which Jackmail can send the email.
    By default, Jackmail delivers the email within one hour after the article is posted. You can still postpone sending several hours or days later.

workflow- automated newsletter : trigger


  • Automatic Newsletter

Here, Jackmail will wait for a certain number of articles to generate a newsletter or while it will send to day fixed, if it fulfills the conditions of sending.

Below, in the setting on the left, Jackmail will send the last 10 articles published in the contents of a newsletter and wait until there are 5 new ones to ship (this implies that there will be 5 identical articles of a newsletter to another, to give you more chance of reading).

In the right settings, Jackmail will send a newsletter on the 5th of each month, at 10 o’clock, containing the last 10 articles published, practical if you have less content / frequency.


workflow - automated nl

  • By publishing a new WooCommerce product

A bit like the first scenario, Jackmail will send an email as soon as one or more articles from the selected categories, is online with always, the ability to set a frequency and a departure date.

workflow - woocommerce


  • Selection of contacts

Choose the contact list (s) that will receive your scenarios. The operation is identical to the creation of a campaign.

automated newsletter - contact

  • Creation

Creating a scenario also means sending content, which is why the “Creation” step allows you to personalize the message of your recipients.
Unlike a traditional campaign, the contents of a scenario are not predefined in advance however we can prepare their display and container.

Whatever the scenario chosen, the editor and its features remain the same. You personalize the newsletter as for a classic campaign except that you will now use content “Dynamic Article” instead of traditional content.

automated newsletter - creation


If you want to edit a block, click on it and select the items you want:

Complete content or just an excerpt? Full-width or floating picture? With “Learn more” button or text?
Choose what you like most and validate. You are then ready to go to the last step.


Automated Newsletter - creation animated

  • Checklist

This last step, as for a classic campaign, makes it possible to check that everything is in order and that you are ready to launch your campaign.

You can go back and fix what’s wrong, and send you some tests before scheduling the time of sending.

automated newsletter - checklist

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