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Create a template

  • First look at the Emailbuilder

Jackmail has an homemade Emailbuilder which has been developed only to help you create the smoothest newsletters ever.

Our Emailbuilder is presented as follows :

1 – Menu and name of the template
2 – Switch : Mobile / desktop
3 – Web copy
4 – Unsubscribe link
5 – Visual content
6 – Property menu for each slide
7 – Editor menu with blocks, contents, theme, colors and settings
8 – Save template button

Template Builder Tutorial

  • Add content

To insert a content, first, pick a block, and drop it into the visual zone on the left. Then, pick the content you want and repeat the same operation each time you want to add something. It’s easy!

To insert an article you’ve written on WordPress, pick the “Static article” or “Page” content and drop it in the visual zone.  A pop-up will ask you to choose an article. Then, it will ask you to choose how to display it (extract, full text, with picture or not, with link or button).

And don’t worry, Jackmail save your template every minute, so you won’t lose everything if you quit.

  • Web copy

The web copy, is basically a copy of your email hosted online, on your hosting server. You can share your campaign to everyone by giving this link.

You don’t have to make any changes since Jackmail handle the web copy link all by itself.

But if you want to change its place or whatever, just right click on the text where you want the link to be and use the “Insert link” icon. Pick “web copy” in the link field and… it’s all 🙂

  • Unsubscribe Link

The unsubscribe link works the same way as the web copy link, except it’s on the bottom of your newsletter. Have a look on the previous paragraph.

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