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Manage the contact list

Create a list

To view or create a new contact, go to the menu Jackmail and select “Lists”.

Click on the “Create a list” button and put a name to your list.

At this point Jackmail propose you to choose between :

– Manual entry

– Copy/Paste

– Import CSV, TXT, JSON

Contact list can be updated through API connectors (see tutorials) allowing you to set a bridge between your CRM and wordpress (and so, with Jackmail). See more about connectors here.

Contact Management

The contact management also offers  :

1-  a targeting selection on a lot of criteria (only on Jackmail manual lists)

2 – export your selection

3 – columns management

4 – details on each contact (how much emails you’ve sent to your recipients, openings, clicks and maybe unsubscribe manually contacts)


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