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How to add the Jackmail Form Widget?

Jackmail has an easy to use widget to feed your contat list with new subscribers.

In order to use it, make sure you have created a contact list in Jackmail

Contacts list


Then, head to Apperance > Widgets, and drag & drop the Jackmail widget, into the Widget zone you want :


  • Double Opt-in : This option helps you to ensure your subscriber has a valid address and will send an email to confirm he/she’s ok to subscribe.
    Use the “edit email content” link to edit the content, and specify where the confirmation leads (to a customized url or a mere popup at your home page).
  • Shortcode  : Unfortunately, Jackmail doesn’t have any shortcode for now, but you can use Widget Shortcode plugin, as presented in the GIF above.

If your contact list has different columns, you can choose which one should be used to fill the form widget. If you want to personalize your Newsletter, ask your subscribers to add their firstname in the fields.

The widget will inherit the same css style as the one used on the website.

We’re currently  working on a [Shotcode] to display the form anywhere you want to.

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