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My campaign went to spam, why?

You sent yourself a test or a real campaing,  drank a coffee and there’s stil nothing in your mailbox? It’s in spam? It happens. By why?

Because you have to learn some tricks to become a true emailing master. Let’s see in which case your are :

  • 1 – I sent myself an email from a professional one (for exemple : contact@mydomain.com)

That’s the best option to avoid going into the spambox : use your website domain. But you have to customize the domain name with Jackmail’s settings. If you don’t, this is what your recepient will see in the sender field :


Personalizing the domain name as a sender makes it possible to optimize the efficiency of your campaigns and control your reputation. Default domain names used to send and track emails neither fit your company nor your operations. Such domain names may appear suspicious to your recipients as well as anti-spam filters. You have to use your professional email. Why? Because you need to prove you own it.

You can also look this tutorial to see how to do it.


  • 2 – My sender email is a freemail (gmail, yahoo, aol etc)

You may already asked yourself : which email shoud I use to send my newsletter? And sometimes, put a regular @gmail.com or @yahoo.com email address.

STOP! YOU SHOULD NEVER USE THESES DOMAINS FOR YOUR NEWSLETTER! It’s a common rookie mistake to use a freemail. Even if it makes senses to send emails from your personal email address, you should always avoid using your personnal email because they won’t be delivered.


  • 3 – I sent an email from my own email address, to my own email address (or same domain)

Email which has the same “To” and “From” tend to go to spam. If you didn’t customized your domain, you’ll probably never receive your email (see 1st point).
When you send an email from yourself, to youserlf, using an external routing platform (Jackmail), your antispam server finds it suspicious. If you want to send yourself a test, try a gmail address (as a recipient) and/or customize your domain name.


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