This is probably one of the most existential question of emailing: What’s the perfect frequency for my newsletters?

The kind of question everyone asks, especially when you start emailing .

I guess as you can imagine, the perfect frequency does not exist. Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s often like that in emailing. On the other hand, weI can give you some tips to find your ideal sending frequency by yourself …


Be constant

Before setting the frequency of your newsletter, keep in mind that the regularity of your newsletters is a top priority. This is a basic rule to which you must not derogate!

The reason is simple: you must get your readers used to receiving your news to ensure their loyalty. Your newsletter must be expected and received on time. If you send once a month, always choose the same day in the month. If you prefer a weekly mailing, send the same day every week, without exception.

Did you forget to send your newsletter this month? Or did you think that in August it was holidays and it was better to postpone the sending? Do not make the mistake of disrupting your pace by sending more than usual the following month! You will be considered as a spammer and your subscribers could be unpleasantly surprised …


How to define my ideal emailing frequency?

Although there is not a miracle recipe, we can still notice that some activities and some contents which will prefer different periodicities.

Take the example of a blog specialized in digital and web watch. Given the heap of daily news in terms of news in this area, we can lean towards a weekly newsletter (or even in some cases daily), which is for once a very sustained pace.

Conversely, a craftsman creating handmade products will be more comfortable with a newsletter a little rarer. The new products being rather long to create, it is better to privilege a frequency easy to hold and for which one will always have something to present.

To average, many companies prefer a monthly or bi-monthly rate. This is a good frequency for a more “traditional” trade and is the most used (33% of BtoB companies send once a month and 22% twice a month according to a CCMBenchmark study).

But anyway, remember these two points: a too intense frequency will weary your subscribers while sending too rare you will fall into oblivion!

To set your own frequency, you need to ask yourself the right questions: What types of content will I add to my newsletters? Will I have enough to say if I choose a weekly / biweekly / etc … shipment? Can I keep it year-round?

It all depends on your ability to deliver relevant content and news to your subscribers.


Leave them the choice

Sometimes it’s better to let your subscribers choose the frequency they prefer. By creating a form on your site with a check box to choose their frequency, you make sure you do not spam them.

This technique is very often used when one proposes a rather constant sending frequency. Some users are not bothered to receive a newsletter every day, as long as the content interests them. But by proposing a weekly or fortnightly alternative, we allow everyone to choose according to their preferences.


Segment your subscribers

To go even further, it is often necessary to define different sending frequencies as well as different types of newsletters. Your closest customers should be pampered for loyalty. There is nothing more precious than a loyal customer and you must devote maximum effort to keeping them.

Remember that emailing is essentially a loyalty channel before being a prospecting channel. So segment your contacts and define for each category an appropriate frequency and a type of content that will be relevant to them.

For example, do not hesitate to increase the pace for your close contacts and to place them marketing and corporate oriented content. You know that these subscribers will be the most likely to visit your site and they will be most interested in what you say. On the contrary, your new subscribers or those who have never been customers will spend little time reading your content. Beautiful images and a very succin content will please them and you can start to seduce them …

Now that you know how to set the right frequency, learn how to collect new subscribers.