Jackmail is a WordPress CMS plugin to create and send email marketing campaigns and newsletters directly from WordPress through an intuitive interface. It also allows you to gather your data in a single tool. Many of Jackmail’s clients are Web Agencies.

The Web Agencies support their customers to create or redesign showcase or e-commerce websites. These Digital Agencies also manage the digital strategy and web communication of their customers. A Web Agency offers a solution adapted to the Web Projects of their customers. It is also essential for Communication Agencies to guide their clients in their email marketing campaigns.

Jackmail a WordPress CMS plugin

What is email marketing campaign?

Email marketing campaign is the term used for direct marketing campaigns which send targeted emails to several recipients of a database at the same time.

There are several kinds of emails such as newsletters, promotional emails, and loyalty emails… Each type of email has its own goal and a specific target. For example, a newsletter aims to inform, and maintain a relationship with its customers. 

Email marketing campaign has many advantages!

Email marketing campaigns are part of the Agencies’ digital communication strategy. Indeed, email provides many advantages such as having an accurate and controlled targeting, as well as ease of use. Professional email software allows to have a quick return on investment and to set up a personalized communication.

WordPress, appreciated by Web Agencies around the world.

WordPress is considered the best Content Management System. WordPress allows you to create websites and blogs. This site creation software also gives us the possibility to use lot of Extensions (Plugins) to improve the user experience. Among the many WordPress plugins that exist, some of them allow you to create and send email marketing campaigns and newsletters to your contacts. That is why WordPress is very used and appreciated by Web Agencies around the world!

Jackmail helps these specialized Communication Agencies in their Webmarketing campaigns. Jackmail is much more than a simple plugin to create and send newsletters.

An efficient contact manager.

Our plugin includes a contact manager to filter, clean and optimize your contact list. Jackmail also allows the synchronization of lists created with the following Data Collection Extensions (Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, Formidable Forms, Gravity Forms, Bloom, Popup by Supsystic, WooCommerce and MailPoet). These integrations enable Web Agencies that have Jackmail to collect the emails entered in the forms created with these compatible Plugins in order to use them in their customers’ campaigns. Jackmail offers to its customers, but also to Agencies, its own data collection plugin thanks to its widget. 

Thanks to Jackmail, Digital Marketing Agencies can automatically send some of their clients’ campaigns. Jackmail has its own professional routing server to ensure that your emails reach the inbox of your contacts.

A tool dedicated to credit resale.

With Jackmail’s agency mode, a Web Communication Agency can share and resell credits with their clients. Indeed, Web agencies can buy larger credit packs to optimize costs and simplify license management. Credit sharing can be done on a regular or punctual basis. Digital Agencies also have the ability to manage expiration dates and associated accounts directly from the WordPress plugin. There is no limit to the number of accounts they can have with our WordPress plugin. This system enables these Communication Agencies to be completely transparent with their customers and create a climate of mutual trust and full service.

Personalize your Domain Name.

The Domain Name is also used for sending emails. It is a unique name that is in email addresses after the @ sign. The domain name personalization improves your reputation, the deliverability of your email marketing campaigns and authenticate your mailings. It is essential to personalize your sending domain to avoid being considered as a spammer. A sub-domain manages the reputation of your servers. It is recommended to use sub-domains for sending your email marketing campaigns. You can configure the Domain Name of your emails with Jackmail.

An intuitive EmailBuilder.

With Jackmail, Web Agencies have access to an EmailBuilder to easily create personalized newsletters. It is a very intuitive and complete tool. No Html or code knowledge required. With Jackmail, it is not necessary to be a developer or a graphic designer to send beautiful newsletters.

Just drag and drop content blocks to start creating your templates. The EmailBuilder enables you to create emails from template galleries, or from scratch. 

The EmailBuilder Jackmail allows you to create 100% responsive newsletters optimized and tested for mobile display.

Easily create your email marketing campaign thanks to the EmailBuilder Jackmail

Integration with WooCommerce.

Web agencies can connect their customers’ WooCommerce shops to Jackmail and synchronize customer data to create segments in their lists and send personalized campaigns. Jackmail also offers to personalize all order notification emails related to this e-commerce plugin. 

Integration with WooCommerce

Detailed statistics.

One of the great advantages of using an extension like Jackmail, is to have access to detailed statistics that reflect the interest of your contacts for your campaigns, and allows you to improve the next ones.

Statistics with Jackmail

Support and advice.

Our team is available at this address to guide you in the development of your campaigns.