Email is a very relevant and essential communication tool for companies today. Email marketing is an integral part of a company’s digital marketing strategy.

Email marketing refers to direct marketing campaigns that aim to send targeted emails to several recipients from a contact database at the same time.

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Email marketing, an important tool in your communication strategy.

Why is WordPress so successful?

The advantages of having a WordPress plugin for your email marketing campaigns.

Discover our WordPress plugin, Jackmail.

How do I create an email marketing campaign on WordPress?

Some tips to create successful email marketing campaigns.


Email marketing, an important tool in your communication strategy.

Email campaigns can meet several of your needs and help you to achieve different goals such as informing your contacts, converting your prospects, building customer loyalty or driving traffic to your website. There are different types of email marketing campaigns such as newsletters, prospecting emails, promotional emails and transactional emails…

Email marketing can sometimes be mistakenly considered as spam, but it is absolutely not the case. It is an effective communication tool when compared to other channels.

It strengthens especially your ability to influence. Moreover, by using an email marketing solution, you make sure to get a high ROI (return on investment). Indeed, it corresponds to a very affordable cost for companies. It is therefore an accessible tool. Especially since email marketing softwares are increasingly easy to use. Email marketing campaigns also allow you to express your creativity, to better know your recipients and to have powerful targeting capabilities.

As a company, it is essential to find a powerful email marketing platform that matches your DNA, your values and your business sector.

WordPress plugin for newsletter

Why is WordPress so successful?

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) to create great websites, and blogs. It allows you to host your own website and easily add functionalities. Currently, WordPress is the best known and most widely used tool for creating and managing all types of websites. Thanks to the WordPress CMS, companies increase their visibility on the search engines thanks to an optimal referencing.

WordPress is a free tool. This is one of the main reasons that explains its success. However, the cost of hosting the site is unavoidable. Moreover, the content management system interface is very easy to use and evolves regularly. You don’t need to be a developer to create a WordPress website. Especially since WordPress offers many themes to create an elegant website that reflects your brand identity.

WordPress offers a lot of plugins to have more features on your website. A plugin is a module that can be added to your WordPress theme and brings improvements to your website. Among the many plugins available for WordPress, some of them allow you to create and send email marketing campaigns to your contact lists.

The advantages of having a WordPress plugin for your email marketing campaigns.

What is the difference between using an email marketing platform or a WordPress plugin to create an send your email marketing campaigns?

First of all, one of the major advantages of using a WordPress plugin for your emails is to have an all-in-one tool. Indeed, you can create and send your newsletters to your recipients directly from your WordPress dashboard. It makes your life easier and helps you to save time. You don’t need to connect to any other email software.

Creating and sending a professional newsletter with WordPress is a great solution for owners who have websites built with this CMS. Installing the plugin and configuring the sending of marketing emails via WordPress is fast, simple and efficient.

Interconnected plugins are another reason to use a WordPress plugin rather than a traditional emailing tool. You can connect your WordPress email solution to other WordPress plugins, such as contact form plugins to collect emails entered in the forms you created. Thanks to the connection with other plugins, you can easily retrieve your data.

The sending of email campaigns can be either manual or 100% automated. Indeed, some email marketing plugins for WordPress allow you to use marketing automation. Marketing automation is the automation of marketing campaigns that are mainly dedicated to lead management optimization. With these plugins, you can:

– send automated emails when a new post is published on WordPress.

– send newsletters based on the frequency of article publication.

– send automated emails according to a given frequency.

You can also set up an automatic welcome email scenario that is triggered when a new subscription is registered.

By using some WordPress plugins, you don’t need to have any coding or html skills to create and send an email marketing campaign. Especially since there are very intuitive email editors that are accessible to everyone.

Dedicated email tools for WordPress has many of the features offered usually by traditional emailing tools such as contact management or access to detailed statistics of email campaigns. By measuring your statistics, you can improve your future email marketing campaigns.

There are a number of internal and external WordPress tools available to send your newsletters. The internal tools offer integration with WordPress but you will need to add an additional email server. External tools are not integrated with WordPress but have their own routing platform.

Jackmail proposes to combine both solutions to send your email marketing campaigns. Jackmail is both integrated with WordPress and includes an email delivery platform. It is therefore the best email solution to do everything you need from your favorite CMS!

Discover our WordPress plugin, Jackmail.

Jackmail WordPress plugin for newsletter

Jackmail is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create and send email marketing campaigns to your contact lists. Jackmail has been developed by a dedicated team within the Sarbacane (Mailify) company.

Jackmail is a new way to send your newsletters without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard. Our WordPress email marketing solution offers a user-friendly interface. With Jackmail, you can send your emails manually or automatically (marketing automation). It includes a contact manager, an email editor called EmailBuilder, detailed statistics and a professional routing server, with a SMTP server included. Jackmail benefits from an excellent deliverability thanks to Sarbacane’s experience (Mailify).

Jackmail is also an interconnected plugin that allows you to connect with other WordPress plugins (Ninja Forms, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, Contact Form, etc).


Our tips for successful email marketing campaigns

How do I create an email marketing campaign on WordPress?

Let’s take the example here of Jackmail.

There are 2 ways to install a WordPress plugin :

  • Go to the “Plugins” area of your WordPress dashboard, then click on “Add New” and type the name of the plugin in the search bar and press “install”.
  • The second way to install a WordPress plugin is to go to, type the name of the plugin in the search bar and simply download it.

Once it is installed and activated, it appears in the left side menu of WordPress.

To start a campaign, click on the “Send a campaign” button, and let you drive through our plugin. Then, give a name to your campaign.

start a campaign with Jackmail

At this point, you now have to import your contacts (List, manual entry, copy/paste or import a file). This step can be done before in the “List” menu.

Jackmail can be connected to Contact form plugins like Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, Bloom, WooCommerce, Popup by Supsystic, Contact Form 7…

select contact with jackmail

Once your contact list is imported, we just have to go through the EmailBuilder.

Jackmail has an easy-to-use EmailBuilder. All you have to do is to drag and drop content and blocks on the right side, to your editor part in the middle on your screen.

EmailBuilder Jackmail

This builder allows you to create email campaigns from predefined (and customizable) templates made by Jackmail or to create campaigns from scratch!

Thanks to our powerfull email editor, you don’t neeed to have any coding skills to create responsive emails. Your campaigns are automatically created in responsive design.

You selected your contact list, you created your message, it’s now time to test and send your campaign.

Check your campaign out with Jackmail

We strongly advise you to send you a test before sending your campaign to your recipients. You can also schedule your email marketing to send it later.

send the campaign with jackmail

Once your campaign has been sent, it is essential to analyze the detailed statistics of your campaign to improve your upcoming email campaigns. For example, take into account the opening rate, the click rate and the reactivity rate…

Jackmail statistics

Some tips to create successful email marketing campaigns.

Tips for successful emails


In conclusion, WordPress plugins for email campaigns are highly recommended for owners of WordPress websites. They have significant advantages and offer additional and adapted features.