Native WooCommerce transactional emails are, well, U-GLY. And there is no way to edit them.


It’s a shame: those emails are a key factor for reassurance. In the customer journey they occur exactly when people need to feel confident about our ability to deliver as a company. It’s not only a branding issue.

Typically, there is no way they have no influence on abandoned carts rate.

This is why we couldn’t accept to leave it as it is. We are working on it! You’ll soon find into your favorite email plugin for WordPress a new feature. Jackmail’s users will be able to overwrite extremely easily the native WooCommerce emails with the drag’n’drop EmailBuilder.

We are also considering to include more related features, like dedicated email templates for WooCommerce or overriding WordPress SMTP with our routing platform (delivrabiliy, statistics and more to enjoy).

Feel free to comment on this post to provide us with insights based on your own needs, we’ll adapt for sure our roadmap to match them.