We did it!

8 months after its launch, Jackmail completes its first goal by reaching 1000 active users in WordPress!

Reaching 1000 actives users

It was our first goal and we really hoped to reach it before the very end of the year. Bringing a brand new newsletter plugin to WordPress was a big challenge, and we knew the road wouldn’t be easy.  So this first success is a triumph for us, and gives us a lot of encouragement.

1000 active installations for Jackmail!

Of course, it’s not worth as much as all the kind messages we receive each day on our livechat, but it’s a exciting thing for us. 🙂
It’s the first step of a big journey where there will be ups and downs, but as long as we have goals there’s always something to achieve.

The road is long and we have to keep the good job doing


Reaching this target is a like a reward for the time spent developing the plugin and fixing everything to improve your experience in Jackmail.

Let’s celebrate!

It’s Christmas, we’re happy, and so,  we offer a 15% discount on any order until the end of the month! Use the “XMAS” coupon 🙂

Our next big step is to reach 5,000 active users. Yep, that’s a big deal, but we’re counting on our next features to help Jackmail become the best newsletter plugin on WordPress.

Meanwhile, our plugin reached the 4th place on  the “newsletter(s)” search in the WordPress repository. Another good achievement for us and a recognation of our efforts. Let’s keep up the good work!