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Illu Automated Workflow

Marketing automation

Generate automatic newsletters when you publish a new WordPress post or schedule a recurrence.

Illu Emaibuilder


Our lovely homemade EmailBuilder will help you create the best templates ever!
Drag & drop and enjoy : no code!

Illu Interconncted

A connected plugin

Synchronize with other WordPress plugins (ninja form, woocommerce...).
Want more? Feel free to ask!

Icon Automated

Marketing automation

Save time and set the automatic mode. Choose a trigger and set the number of WordPress posts that are required to send your newsletters and let the magic begin.

Automatic WordPress newsletters

Create awesome newsletters with our EmailBuilder



Every templates made with our EmailBuilder are responsive. Don't even bother with code.

Drag'n Drop

Bored of tools requiring expert coding skills? Get ready to enjoy being a newbie!


Enjoy an amazing mix of blocks and modules and bring your email to life.

Icon Jackmail Interconnected

Connect Jackmail

Get data from other WordPress plugins and connect your own if you want !

Interconnected Plugins
Manage Contacts
Icon Manage Contacts

Manage your contacts

Create contact lists, track the recipients' behavior. Target your contacts and improve opening rates.

Icon SendInBox

Integrated Sending Platform

We maximize your chances of success with cutting-edge technology and a trusted sender reputation. Rely on our WordPress newsletters plugin to get your emails to the inbox instead of the junk box.

Illu SendInBox
Illu Statistics
Icon Statistics


Analyze your campaigns results, improve the efficiency of your email campaigns and unleash the power of email marketing!

Complete Features list

Icon Contact List

Contact list

Import and manage your contacts in a few clicks. We support a lot of extensions.

Icon Contact Fiche

Contact form

Organize, segment and edit data easily !

Icon Notifications

Notifications on posts

Generate and send notifications about latest WordPress posts.

Icon Personalize Name

Personalize your sender name

Personalize your sender domain and tracking links with your own domain.

Icon Automatic Newsletters

Automated workflow

Trigger newsletters based on events using the automatic newsletters mode.

Icon Clone Campaigns

Clone your campaigns

You like the previous one? Why don't you start from there?

Icon Export Import Contact List

Export / Import your contact lists

Import and/or export data to use them with other tools.

Icon API Contact list

API Contact List

Update your contact lists through HTML requests with POST method.

Icon Collect form Widget

Collect form Widget

Gather your contacts' data and add them to your contact lists using our WordPress widget.

Icon Personalise column name

Customize your newsletters

Edit the columns in your lists and personalize your newsletters.

Icon Multiple WordPress Users

Work as a team

Co-work with other users on same WordPress plugin.

Icon High deliverability

High deliverability

Set yourself up for success thanks to our world-class deliverability.

Icon Statistics Tools

Track your impact

Analyze every detail of your email campaigns.

Icon Targeting contacts

Targeting contacts

Filter your contact list and target your recipients

Icon Technology statistics

Technology statistics

Are they on MAC, PC? Chrome? Safari? Examine everything!

Icon Template gallery

Template Gallery

We provide 100% free, customizable and responsive templates!

Icon History of your send

Schedule your campaigns

Send your campaigns at the right time to boost your rates.

Icon Interconnected

Connected to other plugins

There are so many different ways to plug yourself !

Icon Stats List

List statistics

Compare lists to know which of them has the best statistics.

Icon HTML mode

HTML & plain-text mode

Import your own html document and edit it in html & text.

Icon Unsubscribe

Unsubscribe template page

Don't bother anymore, we host the template for you.

Icon Openers

Real-time openers

See results live and gauge the impact.

Icon Support

Friendly Support

Having trouble ? Ask us, we're here for you !

Icon No SMTP

No SMTP needed

Jackmail has its own and it's powerful !